Every business needs a bespoke, responsive and fast website

Every customer deserves a rich and informative browsing experience.

Obtain an independent assessment of your website performance from GTmetrix and consider the detailed statistics and efficiency rating.

Request a demonstration website using a sample of your current content, or default industry specific content, and browse a high performing contemporary designed website with a very high efficiency rating.

ABS - Advanced Business Solutions

ABS combines optimised website design with effective administrative tools unique to your business including an online client database, an admin panel and an integrated email box which provides a paper trail of all your communication history automatically assigning emails to your client's data file. And much more .....

Website Design

An increasing percentage of online searches are made on smartphones and therefore your website should be fully responsive and easily viewed on a mobile phone or tablet. Smartphones are the UK’s most popular device for getting online due primarily to the expansion of high speed 4G networks. Two-thirds of adults have a smartphone which are now responsible for a third of internet access. Our website designs are based on fast, efficient, bespoke coding to enable your potential customers to enjoy lightning fast load times. We also optimise pictures and videos to further improve webpage loading time. A fast website has a much greater chance of appearing on page one search engine results because slow websites are penalised by many search engines such as Google.

Website Hosting

Hosting is a general term used to describe the storage of website contents on a server noting that our monthly package fee includes all website hosting charges, content changes, website maintenance and administrative costs.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the standard term for achieving a high page ranking on Google's search results - All businesses would like to appear on the first page of Google and so when your clients enter their search terms, efficient and effective SEO will enable your website to be found ' on top '.

Successful SEO requires :

  • W3C standard approved web site structure, design and programming
  • Strategic use of industry specific internet search engine keywords
  • Appropriate and informative content in conjunction with links to additional technical content
  • Creative use of images in optimised and SEO friendly fashion
  • Avoidance of cumbersome programming and unnecessary on-page executable code
  • Online marketing of a business on social media sites
  • Registration of a business to multiple website directories
  • Marketing of a business through email newsletters

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